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Family Death, Donald Mahaffy 29.05.2002
With sadness, we announce the passing of Donald Mahaffy in Timmins, Ontario, Canada on May 26 2002. No other information is known at this time. Donald is related to the Charron family through his mother, Marie Alice (Charron). She was the daughter of Sévère Charron and sister of my grandfather (Joseph Henri Albert Charron).
Interesting notes from the 1881 Census of Canada 25.05.2002

All of these interesting items are from the 1881 Census of Canada:

  • Moïse Charron (b. 1860) has his surname listed as Sharon
  • his wife is listed as still using her maiden name (Renaud)
  • his children all have their surname listed as Charon (one r)



Many thanks to Diane Young 3.05.2002

A keen genealogist of the Poferl family ...
Following up a wild hunch, I sent out a few emails to members of the Poferl family trying to trace a relative from Minnesota.
Diane Young has amassed a great wealth of information on the Poferl family and shared all the information she had on the Prevost link to the Poferls.
Diane kindly sent me an envelope full of articles, stories, listings and even an essay written by a schoolboy in Minnesota. The subject: John James (Jack) Prevost ... and in his own words, his history dating back to his youth in Québec and how he came to emigrate to Cloquet Minnesota USA.
The documents tell a real story of hardship, of loving Poferl grandparents (and uncles/aunts) that raised two of the Prevost youngsters whose mother passed away. Johanna Theresa (Hannah) Poferl was Ralph William Prevost's wife. The entire family fell gravely ill from influenza in 1918. Hannah didn't survive, but the Poferl family came to the rescue and provided a warm loving home for the youngest two of the Prevost children. The two older Prevost children went to live with other Prevost relatives.
Many thanks, Diane. I really appreciate the information.

My Thanks to Kathryn Kelly 3.05.2002

A wonderful researcher in Minnesota ...
Kathryn Kelly dug deep into the Minnesota Historical Society and came up with almost all of the Prevost's that emigrated from Paspébiac Québec Canada to Cloquet Minnesota USA.
Until Kathryn plied her wonderful expertise, these Prevosts were a bit of a mystery. All we knew was a bit of sketchy information.
I can't thank Kathryn enough. Without her, these branches of the family would be lost.
Many thanks , Kathryn.

Many thanks to Lynn Charron 3.05.2002

Lynn lived close to our grandparents and dropped by their home almost every day while she was growing up.

Lynn has caught the "genealogy" bug a bit too. She has started to collect all the family information, photos, stories and every other tidbit she can get her hands on.

She has shared quite a few photos of family and many are on display at the Photo Gallery.

Thanks, Lynn.

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