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 Gaspé Pioneers

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Gaspé Pioneers
According to "Monographie de Paspébiac" ...

Notre Dame de la Purification church in Paspébiac, Québec published a 170-page booklet called "Monographie de Paspébiac" in 1977-78. In Chapter Two of that booklet, they list these families as the pioneers of the area:

Albert - Allain - Anglehart - Aspirot - Beaudry - Brotherton
Castilloux - Chapados - Cronier - Cyr - David - Delarosbille
Denis - Duguay - Horth - Huard - Joseph - Lanteigne
Lebrasseur - Loisel - Otsenat - Parise - Roussy

ALBERT A "normand", Gabriel Albert at first landed at Caraquet and ended settling at Paspébiac somewhere around 1755. He married Geneviève Labouthillier and had two sons, Pierre and Jean Baptise. Pierre, married Geneviève Denis in 1778. Jean Baptise married Thérèse Lanteigne. Gabriel Albert's descendants married into families such as Castilloux, Babin, Blanchard. Many Albert's are also found in New Brunswick. -- back to top --
ALLAIN dit BRIERE  – The Allain's of Paspébiac differ from the Carleton families of the same name. The Paspébiac Allain family patriarch is named François, son of Gilles and Denise Rousseau. François married Catherine Huard in 1776 in Paspébiac. Widowed, he second married Elisabeth (or Isabelle) Bergeron in 1975 also in Paspébiac. -- back to top --
ANGLEHART July 13 1787, in Paspébiac, Jean Baptiste Anglehart married Anne Chapados, daughter of Jean Chapados and Catherine Laroque. The marriage documents indicate that Jean Baptiste is of German descent and son of Joseph Anglehart and Marie Annelkawine and his original German name is "Migkelharte". According to the  booklet, the couple had nine children between 1788 and 1806 (although ten have been traced). -- back to top --
ASPIROT Jean Aspirot, the patriarch, was born at Bayonne. In 1795 Jean Aspirot married Catherine Duguay and second married Catherine Delarosbille, both in Paspébiac. -- back to top --
BEAUDRY Jacques Beaudry married Madeleine Boudreau in 1788 in Paspébiac. Most adopted the Grande Rivière area as their homesteads. -- back to top --
BROTHERTON Alexandre Brotherton was born in England. He established his family in Paspébiac and converted to the catholic faith. His son, Alexandre II married Esther Duguay in Paspébiac. Many Brotherton's settled in Port Daniel. In return for his faithfulness to the British crown, Alexandre was granted lands in the Baie des Chaleur region of Restigouche. -- back to top --
CASTILLOUX Likely of spanish and basque roots. Jean Castilloux was associated with the Robin Co. around 1768. He arrived with his "basque" wife Marie Etchevarry (Chevarie). His son, Jean II, firmly established the family in the Paspébiac area. Jean II married Jeanne Chapados in 1780. -- back to top --
CHAPADOS "Basque" Jean Chapados came to the Paspébiac area with his wife, Catherine Larocque and two young children around 1765. -- back to top --
CRONIER In 1788, a child with the name "Victoire" was born in Paspébiac. She was the daughter of Jean Cronier and Anne Duguay. Victoire married François Grenier in 1810 in Paspébiac. -- back to top --
CYR Found in Paspébiac and Newport, all Cyr's trace their roots to Pierre Cyr who lived in Port Royal in 1671.  Pierre Cyr's wife was Marie Bourgeois. -- back to top --
DAVID Dating prior to 1755, the name family name David is found in Grande Rivière, Pabos (Chandler), Percé and Paspébiac. On November 1787, François David married Catherine Denis. -- back to top --
DELAROSBILLE "Basque" in origin, the original family name seems to have been written as "De La Rosbie". In error, one register changed the "e" to "l". Patriarch of the family is Bertrand Delarosbille. Bertrand married Marie Denis, daughter of Louis and Madeleine Larocque in 1770. Two sons spread the family name throughout the Gaspésie. Pierre, fourth child, was born in 1779 and his brother André (or Adrien) was born in 1792. -- back to top --
DENIS There appears to be many sources for the family name Denis. The church document focuses on the Paspébiac roots through Louis Denis, who married Madelaine Larocque. Louis Denis was likely a soldier who first arrived in Restigouche around 1758-1760 under orders from a Lieutenant Bourdon. The family had four sons: Urbain, Louis, Michel and Isaac as well as four daughters: Marie, Geneviève, Madeleine and Catherine. -- back to top --
DUGUAY No doubt this is a french name, but its origins are "basque". René Duguay and his wife, Marguerite Leberton (or Lebreton) are one of the oldest families in Gaspé. The family had five sons: François, Jean Marie, Jacques, Pierre and René as well as three daughters: Geneviève, Thérèse, and Josette. This family appear to be the origins of the name Duguay in New Brunswick as well. -- back to top --
HORTH John Horth, who died in Paspébiac in 1839 at age 85, married a Québec woman named Louise Mailly. -- back to top --
HUARD One of the earliest recorded names in this family, Pierre Huard married Catherine. They had three sons: Gabriel, François and Jacques. (no dates given). -- back to top --
JOSEPH The family name "Joseph" seems to have been created in Paspébiac to replace the name "Killer" which originated in Portugal. Church records indicate that on April 24 1803, Benjamin Joseph Killer, son of Joseph and Marie Jésu, married Catherine-Théotiste Huard. They had four sons: Joseph, Pierre Ange, David and Romain. Church records also note that the family name "Joseph" does not exist other than by birth in Gaspésue, -- back to top --
LANTEIGNE Louis Lantin ("on pronoçait sans doute Lanteigne") married Marguerite Chapados. In 1758, they were part of the soldiers under François Bourdon. Louis Lanteigne and his wife are the patriarchs of the Caraquet family. They had three children, of which Eloi was baptiszed in Paspébiac on June 25 1786. -- back to top --
LEBRASSEUR Mathieu Lebrasseur and his acadian wife, Anne Marie Pitre settled in Paspébiac in 1758. They had four sons: Pierre, Mathurin, François Xavier and Jean Baptiste. -- back to top --
LOISEL This family name is wide spread in the Montréal area. The Loisel family name has its roots in Paspébiac around 1784 with the marriage of Robert Louiselle and Anne Elizabeth Roussy, daughter of Léon and Anne Chapados. They had six daughters and two sons (André and Pierre). -- back to top --
OTSENAT Another family name of "basque" origins from Bayonne. Martin Pierre Otsénat married Marie Delarosbil in Paspébiac on October 22 1775. Marie Delarosbil was the daughter of Bertrand and Marie Denis. -- back to top --
PARISE Michel Parisé, a "normand" married Marie Albert. They had three sons and two daughters. The family name also traces its roots to a second Michel Parisé who married Rosalie Roussy (they had six children); and a second marriage of this same Michel to Louise Grenier (widow of Jean Huard) which produced six more children. -- back to top --
ROUSSY Also of "basque" origins, Léon Roussy was born in 1726. He married Anne Chapados. Chuch records point out that Léon was 11 years old when King Louis XIV died. Léon had three sons: Louis, André and Pierre Léon. -- back to top --
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Gaspé Pioneers