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5-, 2002 - 04: 1
A brief history of Albert and Régina Charron
This story was written by Alice (Stewart) Charron

Emigrated to Cochrane, Ontario, Canada with parents in 1911.

Worked in bush camps hauling wood with horses and worked for the town during the summer. He drove a 3 ton truck for Gamble Robinson delivering fruit and vegetables from Ramore to Hearst. He then bought the business in 1937 and added three trucks.

With a special transport license, he delivered for National Grocers, Gamble Robinson and Mercier & Shirley Wholesalers until 1946 when he sold his business.

He then built a confectionary store on the corner of Ninth Avenue and Sixth Street, which he operated until 1951 after which he turned the confectionary store into an apartment building.

Albert & Regina sold the big building on April 28 1972 and bought a lot on the corner of Eight Avenue and Sixth Street on April 23, 1972. They moved into their new home at 234 Sixth Street on Tuesday June 20 1972 where they spent the rest of their lives. (They had moved from 335 9th Avenue to the big house on Monday August 19, 1946.)

Albert served as road superintendent with the Glackmeyer Township for 18 years before his retirement in January 1969.

He was a member of the Knights of Columbus Third Degree from 1955 and the Fourth Degree from 1958. Prior to joining the Knights of Columbus, he was a member of the Moose Lodge for 22 years.

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