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Frequently Asked Questions
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 What's new on the site?

Glad you asked. The new web site is updated very frequently. I post all new information when I get it ... and new features for the web site are added regularly. You can also update the web site -- look into the membership area. Join and you can post news, articles, pictures, and participate in the Discussions area.

 Can you document each person listed in the Genealogy section?

About 99% of them. The rest, probably never.

 Can you take pictures of the Paspébiac cemetery for me?

Sorry, but I do not live anywhere near the Gaspé area. I do have all copies of all the church registries and quite a few first cousins, and other family in the area, but I choose not to impose on them for these kinds of favors.

 Where are all the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.?

You should be able to find them all in this web site, accurately, up to about 1970. Keeping track of all the moves, provinces, states, etc. is a bit harder after that since the information is too new to find in regular geneology searches ... I've recently added the Discussions area to this web site ... try posting in there to see if anyone can help you with the information you are looking for.

 What if I find a mistake or mis-spelling?

Please send me an email with as many details as possible. I appreciate your careful eyes catching anything from mere typos to people you can prove aren't related after all. Emphasis on 'prove'. Please understand that sometimes I have people proving contradictory events and I have to use common sense or my judgement. Don't be afraid to write if you don't have court-worthy evidence.

 What's the significance of leaving names off the Surname Index?

No names are left off the Surname Index ... if you find anything missing, send me an email.

 Do you really trust the LDS Ancestral information?

Most of the sources are from church registries. I was fortunate to be able to add a very small part of the family information from the LDS Ancestral files. Probably less than 5% of the total. I've found LDS to be a valuable tool, at least pointing to where I could go to get more information.

 Why didn't you put me in here?

If you are part of the family, send me the information. The only reason any information isn't listed is because I don't have it.

If you are asking why you aren't listed as a source, that's easy. Any information that I receive has to be documented somehow, and it is usually by birth certificates or immediate family member that can provide documentation. I am grateful to all that have helped put the family tree together, but substantiating the information requires proof. The proof itself is usually quoted as the source.

Prevost & Charron
Prevost & Charron