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Frequently Asked Questions
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 How do I contact you?

My email address is info@aprevost.com. I welcome correspondence, but you may also want to read 'Why aren't you answering your e-mail?' and 'How do I send you my data?' first.

 How can I get a copy of your GEDCOM?

Everything I know is on this site (ancestors) ... feel free to write down anything you want.

 Can I get more information on your sources?

The sources are: 1) Notre Dame de la Purification church records dating from approx. 1750 to the late 1960's; 2) Anglican church records approximately the same period; 3) LDS (Latter Day Saints, or Mormon, database); and, 4) GEDCOM files. If you want to know the particular source(s) for an individual, send me an email.

 How do I send you information that I have?

Email: info@aprevost.com
Snail mail: you'll have to contact me by email first.

 Why aren't you answering the email I sent you?

I answer every email that I get that is family related. If I don't answer you, or I'm slow to answer, it means one of the following:

  • Did you send something like, 'I'm related to you through Georges. Please write.'? Well ... hello ... nice to meet ya. What else can I say?
  • I need to check my files and sources before I can reply. By the time I have a moment to check my files, your message may be under quite a few others. Remind me if more than a few weeks go by, I won't take it the wrong way.
  • Your message wasn't clear enough - did you say something like 'I want to trade family info'? Just about everything I know is on this site. Really! Please check here first, and then email with specific questions. I'm really pleased to help, just tell me how!
  • Your email bounced ... and I didn't get it.
  • I didn't know you wanted a reply - I do my thank you's right away, otherwise I may have just smiled and moved on. 
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Prevost & Charron