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Frequently Asked Questions
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 Who owns www.aprevost.com

Andy Prevost. I live just a few minutes north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

 Is www.aprevost.com a for-profit site?

No. I have not made a penny from  www.aprevost.com - in fact it costs me money. Everything here is free of charge.

 Why do this?

I wanted to combine by hobby in tracing my father's family roots (Prévost) and my mother's family roots (Charron). I also wanted to hone my skills in web site design, layout, graphics, HTML, internet databases and scripting. My plan was to post a few family pictures, the little information I had on my family history and a few hyperlinks. But you know how it is, things snowballed!

I have really enjoyed learning so much about my family history over the 17 or so years I've been doing this. I've also enjoyed cracking each technical challenge that comes with developing your own web site. I'm delighted with what I have achieved in a short time - and judging by the comments - so are you. I still have loads of ideas for improving things. Although I don't get billions of visitors, the kind comments I do get from visitors spurs me on to do more.

 Can I put a link to my site on www.aprevost.com?

Yes, provided your site is family friendly. You can either join as a member and insert your own link, or send me an email with the details and I'll do the rest.

 How is my privacy protected on www.aprevost.com?

We do not do anything to compromise our users privacy. We want to encourage - not discourage - vistors. Our commitment is pretty clear -- we do not sell, trade or barter any user information under any circumstances.

 From what parts of the world are visitors to www.aprevost.com?

They are from all over. We've received mail from every province in Canada, most of the states, Australia, the Channel Islands (Isle of Jersey and Guernsey especially), France, Africa. The site has had visitors from just about every country. Traffic on the site ranges from approximately 18,000 - 30,000 hits each month.

 How often is www.aprevost.com updated?

<b>www.aprevost.com</b> no longer has a regular schedule for updating the web site. This new web site is a Content Management System (designed by my company, TechTips.ca) -- which means we can update the web site from any computer anywhere in the world. Our users can also update the web site by posting articles, comments, links. It's best to check often, you will likely find new information posted daily.

 What's with the Members Section and the Login?

First, you do NOT have to register or login if all you want to do is view the site and EVERYTHING it contains.

The new site is totally interactive with the ability for anyone to post pictures, add links to their own web sites, add articles and news, post and reply to Family Discussions, etc. BUT ... and it's a BIG BUT ... no one wants bad language, no one wants to questionable pictures, etc. So, the registration system. That way, if someone posts, we at least know who posted and what their email address is.

Oh yes, the email address has to be valid. When someone registers, the email address they supply will receive a confirmation, along with a link they have to press to confirm their membership.

Be aware that we have a STRICT PRIVACY POLICY. No information that you put into the registration form will EVER BE TRADED, SOLD, or BARTERED under any circumstances.


 Why don't you put your pages in "x" format?

Well, it's a personal choice for the overall design. The pages containing the family information is automatically generated by a program I wrote (php script) and the database if from the geneology software that I use (Legacy Family Tree from Millenia Corp.). Once I had the "look and feel" established, the amount of time required to update and maintain the site is minimal ... and I can spend more time doing more research.

Personally, I like the way it looks.

 How did you create these pages?

Hand coding PHP scripts to generate XML (v1.0) and HTML -- mainly with TextPad, with a little bit of help with Macromedia DreamWeaver and Microsoft FrontPage. Site management and link integrity is now done entirely manually. (Quick note ... I would never ever ever ever again use any automated site management tool.)

Prevost & Charron
Prevost & Charron