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Author: Date: 25.05.2002

May 25 2002 - Updated Gagné family (Ferdinand Gagné, father) ... added all of Evangeliste Gagné's brothers and sisters as enumerated in 1881 Census of Canada.

Updated Turcotte family (Louis Turcotte) ... added all of Célanire Turcotte's brothers and sisters as enumerated in 1881 Census of Canada. Also note the full name of Lisette (Jacques) is Josephte -- that's also listed in the census.

Author: Date: 25.05.2002

I now have access to the entire 1881 Census of Canada on CD. If I can help anyone with a look-up, let me know. Post  your request as a messasge in the Family Forums ... there's a new 1881 Census of Canada area there.

As a minimum you will need to provide the last name, first name, and province. It is also preferable that you provide the county and any alternate spellings of the last name. Also useful to include any information you already have (spouse, children, etc.).

A quick note: the 1881 Census of Canada is a 'nominal' census. Birth dates are not listed, only the age at the time of the census.

Author: Date: 30.04.2002

WOW! A whole new look.

This came about out of necessity. The site has grown to over 8000 pages, quite a few pictures, and I haven't been able to update it as much as I would like. Updating the entire web site used to take about 12 hours just for the file uploads. I managed to get that down to about 3 hours ... but it is still far too much. The total web site space was up around 100 Mb.

The new web site takes up less than 1/4 of that space and contains even more information.

Plus, there's a whole new way to interact with the information, with your ancestors and relatives. YOU can update almost any piece of information on the web site now. Notice that there is now a login area ... that's for members. Members can post articles, news. They can create links for their own web sites. They can post and reply to discussion topics in the Family Discussion area. In short, it's more active, it's more interactive.

Enjoy ... and let me know what you think.



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